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The Lifebit Blog will keep you up to date on the latest news about our platform, emerging tech, new staff, and anything bitcoin mining/investment related that could impact your plans for profit. It's more than you'll need to know; sometimes more than you want; but, we will post it to keep you as informed as possible.

07 November 2017

German translation & new partners

We are proud to say that we reached over 11 BTC total investments from all of our investors. Today we launched our German translation, feel free to test it if you are from Germany! For this week we have several things planned: We will start our advertisement on some of the biggest sites, & A new video is coming soon as well! Stay tuned!

27 October 2017

No withdraw fees, minimum withdraw lowered, submit all button & 500 member milestone!

Today we edited some new things to our platorm to make it more friendly for all investors. You have the option to submit all your funds into our program with just one click. Simply go into the deposit section and click on the 'Invest whole account balance' button. You are still able to choose your deposit with the slider above if you don't want to deposit everything.
We also deleted the withdraw fees and lowered the minimum withdraw to 0.0015 BTC.
We want to say thank you for 500 members! Nearly without any advertisement we were able to scale this company up to this size - and that's because of you! The Lifebit team says thank you to all of you!

26 October 2017

Big day for Lifebit!

Today is a special day! We will show you a part of our Lifebit team and our philosophy in a professional video!
From now on, we will keep you up to date and inform you with the newest information with weekly videos direct from our official Lifebit office in London!
We have official Telegram groups now:
German group:
English group:

19 October 2017


We want to say thank you for 200 members on our platform! This was in a short period of time, even when we had no advertising at all. On the 21. October we will officially start advertising our company to the public community. Stay tuned!

10 October 2017

We are hiring!

You have the skills in multiple languages like English, German, French, Spanish and Russian? You want to work in a pleasant environment and have direct contact to the customers? We are looking for someone like you! Right now we have one free position at our office in London. If you are interested please mail us your job application to:

05 October 2017

Official Facebook site

Today we launched our official Facebook page. We will post there frequently so all of our investors are up to date with the newest information. If there are any maintenance or other problems, we will post it there as soon as we can, so make sure to follow us and keep an eye open: here.

05 October 2017

Lifebit launches today - the start!

We are proud to announce the launch of Lifebit; a new bitcoin investment platform dedicated to bitcoin mining with renewable energy. Our mission is to provide a unique investment platform where ROI, with maximum profit, is in your wallet in the shortest amount of time possible. To ensure this, all withdraws are instantly executed.