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Frequently asked Questions

Need Help? Read our FAQ for help.

Need Help? Read our below to find the answers to the questions we are asked on a daily basis. This FAQ is as comprehensive as possible; however, should you have a question not answered below, we are available 24/7 to help every client with a question/issue. Just click the button to the left to access our contact form, leave us a message, and you will be answered within 48 hours!

What is Lifebit Limited?

Lifebit Limited is a Bitcoin mining and secure Bitcoin investment platform. We simply are looking for investors so we are able to scale bigger in a shorter amount of time. With the invested money we are able to set up new renewable energie sources, so we can mine Bitcoins without any additional electricity costs.

Who can use your services?

Any person, of legal age in their jurisdiction can join us. We cater to any lawful individual, regardless of the size of that person's investment.

Can I lose money with you?

Although every investment carries some risk, we make every effort to ensure the safety and security of your assets!

How can I open a Lifebit account?

Opening a Lifebit account is as simple as clicking the sign-up button at the top of the page, filling in the information and clicking Submit.

Where can I buy BitCoin?

The quickest method of obtaining Bitcoin securely is through an established platform. You can find a list of those trusted platforms for here:

Do I get profit every day?

With Lifebit you will receive a return on your investment 365 days a year.

Do you charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals?

We don't charge any fees at all.

What is the minimum I can invest here?

The minimum investment amount is 0.001 BTC (not including the purchase amount of your package).

Is Lifebit a registered company?

Yes, Lifebit is registered company, operating under the business ID# 10998008, in the United Kingdom. You can find us on the official sites from the government.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00150000 BTC.

How does this work?

Mining Bitcoin with Lifebit is a simple process. Deposit your investment and purchase amounts according to the package you design. Once your account is funded and package is paid, we do the rest.

How often can i withdraw?

There are no limits, you can withdraw as often as you want - it's your money.

Can I invest my profit into more power?

Yes; you can reinvest your profit into a new power package to increase your plan's profitability and speed!

Can I pay with anything other than Bitcoin?

No, Lifebit is strictly a Bitcoin run business.

What is the current price of Bitcoin?

You can find the current price of bitcoin at

How many confirmations until my deposit clears?

After one confirmation your deposit is cleared for use in our system. This requirement prevents double spending of your Bitcoins.

When will I get my first payment?

Once your account is setup and you are mining with Lifebit, you will receive your first payment from us within 24 hours.