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Affiliate program

Referral comission bonus6% + 2% + 1%

Want more profit? Become an affiliate and earn more money with our referral commissions! Lifebit has implemented a unique affiliate system letting you earn up to 9% more mining power with each referral.

Referral comission bonus

Level 6% + 2% + 1%

Our affiliate program has three levels; allowing you to gain a referral comission with each level, up to 9%. With a level 1 referral you are able to get 6% of the amount that this person invests. The second level is giving you an additional 2%, and the third level is giving you an additional 1%.


You are giving out your referral link to a friend, or you post it in any forum. Everyone that registers with this link will be one of your level 1 referrals. If this person invests 1.000$, you will get 6% [60$]

Now this user will share his referral link as well. When someone registers with this link, the person will be your level 2 referral. You will get 2% from any investments that are made, when registering over this link.

When someone from the level 2 referrals shares his referral links, they will be your level 3 referrals, giving you an additional 1% from any investment.

You see how easy it is to make money this way, only by sharing your referral link and promoting us to your friends!